Croydon and Salford ( Manchester ).

( 1949 - 1962 )



My mother and I in Upper Road, Wallington circa1949 / 1950.

My father with me in the garden just before my world fell apart - their divorce!

I hardly saw my father from 1963 onwards. He died in August 2001.

Riding my bicycle shortly after moving to Salford nr. Manchester ~ 1957

One of my friends in Salford, Joe Cecil ( behind me! ). I met up with Joe Cecil again in the late 1960's when he came to Wales climbing.

Note the cobbled road - Great Clowes Street.

Climbing a rock outcrop in Capel Curig, North Wales around 1960.

The climber called Dave from Brighton, introduced me to the world of rock-climbing.

My first proper rock climbs - Flying Buttress and another, on Stanage Derbyshire with members of the Rucksack Climbing Club.

Probably summer of 1961 / 62

I climbed with The Rucksack Club, but mostly with The Manchester Gritstone Climbing Club in Derbyshire until moving to Llanberis in February 1963.

I can't remember the members of The Rucksack Club

Manchester Gritstone Club met at Ellis Brighams ' Jungfrau' coffee bar behind Manchester Cathedral before going to the George & Dragon.

Stan and Marge Wroe, Graham West, Tom West, Pappy, Crillie, Ernie, Michael Roberts, Bill the Bore and Roy Brown are a few members I recall.

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